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With a limitless mix of urban and rural, foothills and flatlands, small towns and major metropolitan locations, the Charlotte region is like no other. Encompassing portions of both North and South Carolina, the region is comprised of 16 counties – with Charlotte serving as its hub. More than 700 flights daily to destinations across the globe add to Charlotte's production advantage, making it one of the most accessible hubs on the East Coast. Carolina blue skies are only surpassed by the area’s undeniable Southern hospitality. Productions will fall in love with the dynamic mix of big-city appeal blended with New South character.

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North Carolina will offer a $30 million film and entertainment grant program. Funds from the $30 million grant will serve as a rebate of up to 25% on qualified expenses/purchases of productions.

South Carolina also offers many forms of television and film production incentives. Combine the cash rebates and film tax incentives to get the best value for your production.
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The Charlotte region boasts a superior production environment. In addition to being home to three major equipment companies, numerous sound stages and a strong crew base are located here. The robust talent and film expertise is complemented by a welcoming community eager to support film. Learn about our competitive incentive program and endless production resources, including office locations, transportation and dependable construction services.
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From signature sports arenas and venues to picturesque rivers and lakes, the region touts a never-ending array of options and location opportunities. Because of this variety, the city shines as a multitude of settings. From a sleepy Southern town to the Middle East to our nation’s capital, Charlotte has transformed into each of these diverse backdrops. The list of locations is endless - find more inspiration here.
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Our commitment to serving the film industry extends to many different types of projects: commercial, television, and feature. Apply to film here and we’ll help get your production in motion where you’ll have access to the most up-to-date information on film and video locations, production crews and companies.

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Want to see your location star as the region’s next scene stealer? Film could be a valuable asset that contributes to your bottom line. Join more than 2,728 other locations across the Charlotte region that value film and list your property for consideration.

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